The Parties are: guitarist Jeremy Powers, a veteran of the bay area power pop scene, most notably as front man of Red Planet; bassist Rex Padayhag who grew up in the Philippines playing with various bands on the Manila Psychedelic Pop circuit where he honed his keen ear for melody; lead guitar player Adam Symons who joined the band in 2008, after serving time in various rock acts on both coasts, and bringing with him a Roger McGuinn inspired arpeggio obsession; and the talented drummer Rob Uytingco, formally of Julie Plug and Sugarspun (with Rex). The Parties new full length "Coast Garde" offers up some Byrdsian jangle along with explorations into baroque pop, stoney country, stripped down rock, and even some classic Everly Brothers style duet singing.

Here's what the press has been saying...

"Partying with the Parties is profoundly pleasant!"
- Roctober Magazine, 3/4/2010

"The songs are infectuous and exquisitely crafted and it’s hard to imagine any Power Pop self respecting fan not loving this nugget."
- Stephen Haag, Power Pop Overdose, 12/30/2010

"This is the work of a band moving in the right direction. Keep an eye on this Party."
- Pop Matters, 12/14/2010

"Twenty-first century mop-tops lamenting that they missed The Rain Parade * and The Three O'Clock back in the day because they were too young then or not yet hatched, can rejoice in the authentic embodiment Coast Garde represents, and would be astute to add it to their Christmas stocking or as a gift to that special cantaloupe girlfriend."
- Barry St. Vitus, Blurt Online, 12/07/2010

San Francisco's The Parties Party for the Right to Party
- Daniel Levin Becker, SF Weekly, 11/17/2010

Party and Play
- SF Weekly,11/18/2010

"Rainbow Quartz has a number of bands reveling in the sounds of the 1960’s and doing it quite well. The cream of the crop is The Parties, who blend a mellifluous sense of melody with distinctive harmonies and a rare sort of pop sensibility that’s music gold."
-Wildys World, 10/24/2010

"their command of their craft is better than ever and the songs, the performances, and the production should please garage rock fans with a jones for vintage folk-rock and jangle pop."
- Mark Deming, All Music Guide

"The Parties latest album Coast Garde is no departure, but rather like a jetliner on a standard rate of incline, ever since taking off the band just keeps climbing higher and higher."
- Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World, 10/20/2010

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